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The rise of online advertising

online advertising

According to reports, for the first time ever, the end of 2017 will see online advertising spend overtake TV advertising. This swerve in momentum has come down to the shift in consumer habits and how users interact with their media. This is predominantly down to the increase in tablet and smartphone use which is essentially the leading reason why online advertising has been climbing up the ladder and catching up with more traditional mediums recently.  Read More

It’s a New Day, but will there be a tomorrow?

new day newspaper

The New Day, Trinity Mirror’s new print newspaper, released its first edition this week on the 29th February. So will it be a success? Or will the new print newspaper, in an ever growing digital age, be doomed from the start?  Read More

The Independent is to become the first UK newspaper to go digital only


The move to the digital only platform is said to install a sustainable and profitable future. The rise of digital disruption has seen the growth of The Independent’s monthly online audience rise 33.3% in the last 12 months to nearly 70 million global unique users, therefore justifying the move to a digital only platform. Read More

Our fave 3 Valentines Ad Campaigns of 2016

valentines day

It’s that warm fuzzy time of year again when retailers and consumer brands jump on the valentines bandwagon and focus all of their marketing energies on all things Love. We’ve seen some great ad campaigns for 2016 but our top 3 have to be these. Do you agree?  Read More

Opinion: Superbowl 50 brands proving to be a catch!

Brands Superbowl

With the Superbowl 50 fast approaching on Sunday 7th February, brands have been leaking teasers of the big money advertisements they have been preparing for months. The average cost of a 30 second advert during the Superbowl will cost around $5 million (up 11% on last year’s costs), and the final slot is expected to fetch $6 million. Read More

Say hello to our newest intern Matt!

matt lewis

Matt Lewis has joined CMS as an intern where he’ll be working alongside our digital department to develop his knowledge and skills on all areas marketing and learn how it is all integrated together. Matt is an extremely bright young entrepenuer who has already launched an ecommerce website that targets the mens accessories market. Here’s what Matt had to say about his venture and how he’s looking forward to working with us here at CMS.  Read More

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