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Meet up: CMS at SearchLeeds 2018!


As for any business, education and progression are key, especially in the rapidly ever-changing digital world. And this year for us at CMS we are driving our digital side of work at full force! This year we are aiming to push the SEO side of our work much further to provide our clients the fullest experience to develop their site’s online visibility. Read More

Opinion: Superbowl 50 brands proving to be a catch!

Brands Superbowl

With the Superbowl 50 fast approaching on Sunday 7th February, brands have been leaking teasers of the big money advertisements they have been preparing for months. The average cost of a 30 second advert during the Superbowl will cost around $5 million (up 11% on last year’s costs), and the final slot is expected to fetch $6 million. Read More

Opinion: The Beauty of Typography

beauty of typography

If we take a moment to look around when we are in one of our beautiful European cities, the art of rustic modern typography can be seen like here in Jordaan, Amsterdam, where old, traditional pubs the locals call ‘bruin cafés’ can be found. Some of these historic ‘brown cafés’ have windows graced with elegantly hand-painted script.

Read More

Opinion: Direct mail & inserts are here to stay

Press advertising

Our direct sales clients utilise inserts as part of their marketing and advertising strategy to not only get the lead flow in on the phone, but to drive online visitors to their sites. They use third party inserts (catalogues and magazines), national and regional press. Read More

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