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We began way back in 1982. Three decades later we are still going strong. This is quite some longevity in advertising and marketing terms and is only possible by having long standing satisfied clients. We consistently provide our clients with work that works, on time and on budget.

The solution to your marketing might require any mix of our skills. Isn’t it reassuring to know we can deliver whatever mix is needed and advise impartially?


B2B Products And Services.

We build brands and build sales for companies involved in heating and ventilation, logistics, parcels services, recycling, engineering, oil, medical equipment and much more.

Marketing industrial products is much more exciting now than in the past. Whereas the options used to be brochures, trade press advertising and technical data sheets we can now show you impressive results with social media, press relations, website, blog, digital downloads and direct marketing together.

For maximum exposure we extend your brand identity through all areas, from signage to vehicles, business cards to email footers.


Home Improvement Sector.

Do you ever get tired of double-glazing ads? Us too. Do you ever fail to be convinced by 70% off, buy a window get one free etc? We’re the same. We turned a Lincolnshire double glazing outlet into the most successful in the county by creating credible campaigns and getting across the personality of the organisation as being professional without being sharp, of offering value without being wide boys. The general public is not convinced by the lowest price, especially unbelievable offers. They just want value.

If you’ve ever been into B&Q or Homebase you’ve probably seen our packaging. We produced own-brand packaging for one of our major DIY clients. We helped them develop self-service packaging which fully explained the product without the need of a sales person being present.

We’ve marketed paint, tools and a home maintenance services.


Food And Drink.

We’ve successfully marketed a well-known range of bread and cake mixes, handling their advertising and marketing through multimedia means. Trade press advertising successfully encouraged the grocery trade to stock up by outlining an imminent consumer advertising campaign that would raise demand. Point of sale and consumer competitions were used extensively and of course these generated many opportunities for press relations.

One of the most memorable campaigns was for a major wine importer. A major brand of Chilean wine featured a ‘chilli’ on the bottle, but it was neither a spicy wine nor designed for spicy food so the perception was off-putting – how could this be overcome?

We developed a marketing campaign based around ‘what it isn’t makes it what it is’ and making comparisons with other products which are not what their literal name implies. Why does a hamburger have no ham, why does a hot dog contain no dog? Why does a sub sandwich have no sub? Because what it isn’t makes it what it is. This strapline and campaign supported this superb Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile’s Central Valley and led to a whole succession of further marketing campaigns for French and Australian wines.


Employer Branding.

Your brand name is as important to you in the workplace as it is to consumers in the market place. What does it embody about who you are and where you’re going? About your core values and green values? Your corporate and social responsibilities, your diversity and inclusiveness policies?

We do far more than place recruitment ads, we build employer brands. We develop the strategy that underpins your reputation, that encourages prospective (and present) staff to see you as a team to want to be part of. We show you how this DNA can run through everything you do, from online and offline recruitment ads to staff handbooks and training manuals, newsletters and staff magazines, intranets and candidate tracking websites, employment road shows, social media and graduate entry schemes. Finally we’ll show you why it’s worth the effort, directly affecting staff retention and quality attraction.


Direct Response And Off The Page Advertising.

The best thing about ‘off the page direct response’ advertising is that we’re able to prove how good we are very quickly.

‘Off the page’ advertising encourages a direct response from the reader to an advertisement they see in a newspaper, magazine, online site or television ad. With no intermediary involved such as warehouses or retailers the advertiser knows very quickly just how successful an ad has been.

We’ve sold beds, bathrooms, chairs, jewellery, wills, stairlifts, holidays, healthcare and much more.

We’ve seen some agencies make big mistakes on a client’s budget. We can offer you tried and tested solutions from one of the most accomplished teams in the business. Invite us to do a critique on your direct response marketing.


Travel And Tourism.

We were called in by Bradford MDC to raise the profile of the city to tourists. The city had an excellent theatre and a brilliant photographic museum (later to become the media museum). Within its vast outlying area it could lay claim to some other impressive tourist magnets such as the Bronte family and the Worth Valley Railway, which was one of the pioneers in railway preservation. Our campaign sparked a lot of media interest.

Another commission followed, this time from Bradford City Centre traders, to put the city on the Christmas map. We’ve developed brochures, PR, events and other marketing
collateral for stately homes and a zoo.

Other clients have included two train-operating companies. We’ve also produced many holiday brochures, Greek and Italian package holidays, for group coach holidays in Europe and for business conventions in Norway, the latter resulting in an award.


Health And Medical.

We have a lot of NHS experience and have worked with many pharmaceutical companies.

We’ve marketed operating tables and surgical instruments, medical architecture and IT trolleys. We’ve put Yorkshire’s Cancer Centre on the map and helped it raise substantial funds. We designed its acclaimed corporate identity and carried that through to all areas from signage and merchandise to brochures. We’ve created the look for an independent optician and the advertising campaign and direct mail which found new clients and kept links to existing ones.

We’ve worked with cosmetic surgeons and dental services including many years involvement in hair replacement and restoration. For the NHS we delivered single-issue campaigns around stopping smoking, sexual health.

Whether you’re a private or public healthcare provider you’ll find our advice a refreshing change.


Recruitment Advertising.

It’s easy to waste vast amounts of money on recruitment advertising. It’s also easy to make each recruitment ad work hard, attract the best candidates and do some very effective brand building at the same time. Traditional media has been joined by a huge plethora of online sites. Which of these work and which don’t? What different copywriting skills are needed to attract online job seekers? How do you narrow the response to the best? When and why would you add banners and skyscrapers?

A full service marketing agency with a very successful recruitment advertising arm. So successful in fact that we’re now a UK top twenty player. We support many many HR departments by providing a fast, accurate, proactive and professional recruitment advertising service.

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