Is your website mobile-friendly? No? Goodbye Google search rankings…

Mobile-Friendly Website

From 21st April, Google will start to use mobile usability as a prime ranking indicator in its search strategy. If your website isn’t ready (free test below), you need to move fast to keep your website alive and thriving, if you don’t, it’s going right to the bottom of the ranking pile.

As of the end of April, if your website is not mobile friendly it will be ranked lower than those that have considered mobile as part of their website design framework.

Google Web Master Central announced the algorithm changes in their blog at the end of last year by stating that it intends to prioritise mobile-friendly content to those browsing on mobile devices over websites that have not adapted a mobile friendly design.

The impact that users have had on the digital landscape has been immense. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web today than ever before, whether it is on the commute, waiting for an appointment, whilst watching TV or even during meetings, people are using their mobile to browse the web.

With that in mind, it is inevitable that the biggest search engine in the world should use this shift in user activity in its ranking strategy in order to continue providing 1st class results to its users.

So what does a mobile friendly website need to include?

The answer to this question is actually very simple. All you need to do is put yourself into the shoes of the user and the elements will fall into place. Think about when you are the user. What design elements make a website easy to use and what elements make an annoying experience?

  • Are the touch points big enough for your finger?
  • Are the touch points spaced far apart so that you don’t click the wrong link?
  • What content is more important to the user? Look at the user flow path on your analytics platform.
  • Consider your menu. Is it easy to navigate?
  • Has the content been resized so that you don’t have to zoom in?
  • Are all parts of the website compatible with your device?

Here at CMS, we will process your website through a mobile friendly test and work with you to make the necessary changes that will ensure and maintain the best possible google search rankings for your business website. Alternatively you can analyse and test your own website by entering your url into the field provided at the link below.

Test your website here

If you find that your website didn’t fair well in the mobile-friendly test then give us a call asap on 0113 287 7973 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you to turn it around.

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