The ducks are back!


One of the assets of our superb head office location on the edge of Leeds is that amount of wildlife we see in our semi-rural location.

When you visit our offices, don’t be surprised to see a grouse walking across the lawns or a peacock looking at you inquisitively.


How many agencies have their own duckpond? At the moment it’s complete with ducks as a breeding pair have recently taken up residence. This happens every year. Now, here’s a question to contemplate. Is it the same pair of ducks which return every year or a different pair? We don’t get close enough to find out as we leave them their space to, erm, start their family. And in a few week’s time, if past years are repeated, we expect to see mum leading a few little ones down our duckpond and taking to it like a, well, duck to water we suppose.

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