The Independent is to become the first UK newspaper to go digital only


The move to the digital only platform is said to install a sustainable and profitable future. The rise of digital disruption has seen the growth of The Independent’s monthly online audience rise 33.3% in the last 12 months to nearly 70 million global unique users, therefore justifying the move to a digital only platform.  This in return could in turn show huge jumps in revenue if they can convert the current press advertisers to digital due to a reduction and overheads and there being no printing costs. On the other hand, can they convince an advertiser who sells a product to an elder, less technology focused market to transfer the advertising spend to digital?

Albeit the positive outlook from The Independent regarding this move, it has not gone down so well with all customers, with many comments lambasting the idea as they still purchase and read the print edition. So will they convert? Or will they simply change their newspaper and move to a competitor?

The last printed edition of The Independent and The Independent on Sunday is to be Saturday 26th March and Sunday 20th March, respectively.

However, press and print advertising is a long way from grave just yet, it still paves the way for a great offline/online integrated advertising campaign, raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your website and creating sales. In 2015 £2.26 billion was spent on press and magazine advertising in the UK, stating that it still has a place in advertising campaigns for brands, big and small.

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