The rise of online advertising

online advertising

According to reports, for the first time ever, the end of 2017 will see online advertising spend overtake TV advertising. This swerve in momentum has come down to the shift in consumer habits and how users interact with their media. This is predominantly down to the increase in tablet and smartphone use which is essentially the leading reason why online advertising has been climbing up the ladder and catching up with more traditional mediums recently. 

As well as changing consumer habits, the rise looks to have been aided with the run up to the 2016 Olympics, the European Championships and the presidential elections. To engage with the audience, these campaigns will all be using online platforms to gain the highest amount of interaction possible by reaching consumers quicker. Whether that be on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, online videos or paid search ads, a wide variety of digital communications are available for advertisers to exploit online and all of which are easy to manage and flexible with spend which is understandably attractive to advertisers.

One of the major benefits for online advertising is that it is more accessible to monitor, and therefore advertisers are able to measure and make decisions instantly, even in the middle of the advertising process. Another benefit is how specifically targeted campaigns can now become. For example, if you have a male orientated product which is targeted towards the ages of 35-40, and who like sports, then by using online communications, this segment can be targeted very precisely.

Online advertising is on the rise, there is no doubt about it, however traditional advertising methods are still instrumental in promoting brand awareness, as well as driving direct and natural search traffic to your website. With that in mind, it is important that advertisers consider applying a fully integrated online and offline campaign in order to gain the best results from all channels.

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