UK advertising spend at its highest ever!

Advertising AssociationThe Advertising Association has reported record UK advertising spend figures  for the first quarter of 2015 with an 8.2% growth which has outperformed the 6% that was expected. This sits the UK just behind India and China on a global scale which shows just how much is being spent on advertising by UK businesses and brands in 2015. 

According to Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive at the Advertising Association, this is mainly due to the fast growing digital economy (particularly mobile, which has increased by a whopping 50.9% in the first quarter), creative industries and the growth of UK plc, where businesses have really started to get behind the digital revolution. TV advertising remains strong as does display, both of which are expected to increase even further in the third and fourth quarters of 2015 as brands look to capitalise on the Rugby World Cup which starts in September.

This shift is very much a sign of things to come as more and more advertisers migrate their marketing budgets across to the digital realm as opposed to traditional press outlets. When the vast majority of the world’s population now use a mobile or tablet device for almost any purpose, whether it is reading the news, finding information, keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, it seems the most appropriate strategy to invest creative efforts in this area.




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