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We’re a full service communications agency with every skill onboard.

The solution to your marketing might require any mix of our skills. Isn’t it reassuring to know we can deliver whatever mix is needed and advise impartially?



The foundation of your marketing is your brand. Branding is represented by your vision, mission and values. It’s the personality of your organisation, encapsulated and represented by an image, a logo, a slogan and the other key elements which add up to an impression in the mind of the customer. Does your brand need reinforcing or correcting? Or creating in the first place? A brand adds value and carries a premium.



Digital added several extra tools to the marketing toolbox and we use them all to great effect. We write, design, build and optimise outstanding websites. We control social media marketing campaigns which not only boost your publicity but increase your SEO too. And we have the SEO skills to get your site in optimum positions on the sites which count. Add in PPC / Adwords and our remarketing skills and you have a very powerful and effective digital offering at your disposal.

Affiliate marketing / CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
Content Strategy / E-Marketing
Social Media/ PPC (Pay per Click)
Remarketing / SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
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Busy HR professionals appreciate the speed, professionalism and value of the Creative Marketing Services service. Email us details of a vacancy and we quickly email back the best media route (online or off) to fill it. Approve the rates we’ve negotiated and we write, design and place your ad including artwork for printed media or creating banners and links for online listings.

Aside from recruitment ads we show you how to create and build an employer brand which results in better employee attracting and retention and encompasses any mix of staff handbooks, training guides, events, social media sites, microsites and candidate tracking systems.



When it comes to exploiting PR opportunities and cultivating reputations, today’s media landscape is more fertile than ever. Traditional print has become increasingly reliant on the contribution of proactive public relations and digital media provides a growing diversity of delivery channels. Effective public relations delivers a concise and accurate message tailored to suit its audience. Professionals who understand the dynamics of the media and the message can reach your audience and maximise your exposure.

Public relations does not work in isolation – it’s an integral part of overall marketing strategy. As well as providing vital support for advertising campaigns, exhibitions, conferences and event management, PR activities often form the lifeblood of social media engagement and generate fresh and relevant website content to enhance SEO.


Creative Design.

Design is in our blood. With over two decades of design experience we have the creativity and flair to create communication that is inspiring, on brand, engaging, current, stimulating and above all achieves results.

Annual reports, magazines, web, digital, corporate identity, brand awareness campaigns, logos and publications. Whatever your business requirements, we will create stunning bespoke design that supports your brand.

It costs less than you think to produce an effective brochure, pack, or other material, than to produce a mediocre one. Yet the effects and results are well worth the effort. Our highly skilled creative team includes copywriters and web builders as well as designers and artworkers.


Media Buying.

We are one of the very few agencies to have full NPA NS PPA broadcast media status. What this means is that whilst equally qualified agencies can buy media as cheaply and effectively, none can buy for less.

We are media-neutral. You can phone the media directly and get biased advice from commission hungry salespeople, or you come through Creative Marketing Services and pay no more yet get the benefit of impartial professional advice, negotiated space and/or positions, better results and controlled costs.



For two decades we’ve been making corporate events extra special. These have ranged from sales conferences and staff award ceremonies in the UK to incentive events for key staff and training seminars in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

We also get involved in exhibition events, fringe events, prizes and much more. We’ll look after everything for you from first theme discussions to event publicity, website and social media, to travel, accommodation and speakers. In short we deliver the wow factor.



Your marketing objective might simply be to increase sales, or enquiries, or turnover. How do you do this? Through digital marketing? Printed literature? Advertising campaigns? PR? Social networking? A better website?

We don’t expect you to know the answer. That’s our job. What you need is a marketing strategy and the best people to deliver one are those truly impartial to all the possible marketing solutions.

Ask a web designer and you won’t be surprised if he or she says you need a new website. Ask a purely digital agency and you won’t be surprised to hear the answer is digital. Ask a media rep and you’ll get the answer media advertising. If you want a truly unbiased answer, ask an agency which can deliver all these solutions and more. Ask Creative Marketing Services in Leeds or London.