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How Emojis have changed the way we communicate


Today is the day we celebrate emojis, as it’s the international emoji day. They are everywhere, our obsession with them started with mobile phones whilst sending and receiving text messages, but now they are taking over our social media and even emails. Read More

Review: Google AdWords re-brand for beginners

google adwords with computer

Google is re-branding its advertising products on the 24th of July. The organisation which is the accepted market leader search engine, is changing the way its advertising products are named, described and branded.

Read More

How to build your brand through Instagram stories

instagram iphone

Visual content is becoming more powerful than ever on social media. As the use of phones and tablets has grown, so has our urge to share our lives through images and videos. We have always been told to put our best selves out there, because once its out there it stays out there. Well at least until now, with the rise of new ways to share content with a 24-hour lifespan that encourages sharing in a more authentic way.  Read More

Google’s Speed update: Should you panic?

Google's Speed update text image

The search algorithms of Google have gone through plenty of changes this year, from the rumoured update on the 20th of February to the first Mobile-First index roll-outs. For Summer, Google has confirmed an update which could affect your site. Read More

CMS super-slimmers shed 20 stone!

CMS Super slimmers

CMS is an established heavyweight in Yorkshire’s marketing scene, but the agency has become considerably lighter in body weight following some spectacular success in a collective slimming programme. Read More

Meet up: CMS at SearchLeeds 2018!


As for any business, education and progression are key, especially in the rapidly ever-changing digital world. And this year for us at CMS we are driving our digital side of work at full force! This year we are aiming to push the SEO side of our work much further to provide our clients the fullest experience to develop their site’s online visibility. Read More

Steven excels through CMS placement


At Creative Marketing Services we’re proud of the strong links we have with universities in general and Leeds trinity in particular. In fact, we’ve been taking -and hiring -students from Leeds Trinity for thirty years. Read More

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