5 Digital Marketing trends that you need to know [2019]

Jan 21, 2019

Marketing trends coming in 2019 by Creative Marketing Services

What are the new digital marketing trends for 2019?

What new tech is crucial for your company to understand in the year ahead?

Well, there’s loads out there to choose from so we’ve done our research carefully and narrowed it down to 5 top trends that are easy for you to digest.

  1. Micro Moments
  2. Voice Search
  3. User Generated Content
  4. Chatbots
  5. Augmented Reality

It’s going to be an exciting year in digital marketing and we can all expect a lot of new developments. So let’s get 2019 off to a great start and keep ahead of that curve….

The year of micro-moments

So, what the heck is a “micro-moment”?

Let’s explain this one using an everyday example. You bump into a friend and decide to go for coffee. Neither of you know the area all that well so you want to quickly find out a good independent coffee shop that’s nearby. So what do you…?

You turn to your phone for a quick answer.

Or maybe you want to quickly order some everyday item that you’ve gone and stupidly forgotten. Or perhaps you even just want to know the name of that actor in that TV show from years back, you know… the one who….

These are all micro-moments.

More formally,it’s a new kind of behaviour that we’re seeing from consumers. It’s using technology, mainly phones, but laptops and services like Alexa too, as a reflex response to an everyday problem or question.

We’re seeing it more and more now –no doubt you’re finding yourself doing this more too.

As a digital marketer in 2019, you have to get to know the four different types of micro-moment:

• I-want-to-know moments
• I-want-to-go moments
• I-want-to-do-moments
• I-want-to-buy-moments

Once you understand how it all breaks down, you then need to make sure that your company is compatible with this type of consumer decision making so it can respond usefully — and not get overlooked!

Micro-moments will keep growing as an ever imporant marketing tool

Increased use of voice search

This one’s going to be familiar as voice searching is pretty commonplace now, right? That being said, we’re actually still in the early days of all this technology.

Think about it – how many of you still have that issue with Alexa or Siri not understanding your accent? And what about those infuriating times when they just can’t figure out what you’re really asking and it feels like banging your head against the wall?

In spite of this, 2019 is set to see a rise in consumer use of voice search tools.

Apart from the funny computer-says-no type moments though, what does this mean for digital marketers?

It means a much smaller set of search results will get presented to users when they ask a question. A phone or laptop search on Google gives a page of ten or so results (and we all know how important it is to make that top five). But when you’re talking about voice search, the significance of being a leader in search results really jumps up.

Voice search will keep growing as AI learns more about people's needs

When you ask a question to Alexa or Siri, you get one result spoken to you, or a few at most. Take away that screen we’re all so used to and suddenly you’re in a totally different scenario.

Digital marketers must keep up with voice search technology and ensure compatibility to stay on top.

User-generated content

In 2019 we predict that users will sell more products to themselves. …Don’t believe us?

Look, we know it sounds odd, but it’s true. You see, companies last year found that they got better responses with their videos when they were filmed by real people and actual customers.

Forget those corny, infomercial type TV ads of yesteryear – you know, the ones that try to weave instructions into an everyday family moment and come across like something from The Truman Show.

Users generated content will keep growing as personal conversational approaches reign

It’s all part of the general trend we’re now seeing—the consumer preference for authentic content over sales spiel.

You can think of customers are being a bit like the body’s immune system. (It’s not a flattering analogy and don’t tell your customers!) Customers and users are quick to learn. They can sniff out the marketing bullsh*t once they’ve been exposed to it a few times. They get wise to the tricks and techniques used.

Videos made and submitted by actual users are a breath of fresh air and feel authentic. In 2019 digital marketers should try and get customers, service-users or clients (depending on what business you’re in) more involved in the marketing process. It could be a review, or it could be through the use of influencers such as YouTubers who make videos of themselves and their friends using the product or service.

Watch out for those chatbots!

AI chatbots are going to naturally become customer service

2019 is likely to see more chatbots in use than ever before.

An increasing number of all sorts of companies are going over to chatbots for online help and service support now. Why? Well, in part, because it’s better for the customer.

Everyone can relate to the pain and frustration of phoning up a helpline, navigating a switchboard and then waiting and waiting… and waiting to speak to someone. More often than not you’ll probably just be referred to someone else anyway and put on hold for another ten minutes! IT SUCKS!

The chatbot eliminates that process. It’s also better for the company.

The switchboard system might be cost-effective, especially if the call centre is situated in low-cost economies such as India. However, infuriating service gives the company a bad image and the customer a bad feeling towards the business. Chatbots, on the other hand, are quick, friendly and free.

It’s true that there’s something unnerving about the concept of chatting away to a computer. And, weirdly, this would seem to contradict the liking for authenticity that we mentioned above. Be that as it may, it’s a definite trend for 2019.

Digital marketers need to think big here because AI is changing everything. Throw in some algorithms for consumer preferences and a chatbot can become an indispensable marketing tool as well as a means of understanding what your target market really wants.

Mind-blowing AR as a marketing tool

This one might be the most exciting digital marketing trend for 2019.

AR, or augmented reality, is a step beyond mere VR and has been used increasingly by companies recently both as a tool and as a promotional device.

Perhaps most notably, companies concerned with home improvement, from paint manufacturers to furniture suppliers, have utilised AR technology very successfully. With free apps for smartphones and tools on websites for desktop users, companies remove the need to visualise a layout or colour scheme by instead imposing the potential changes onto existing imagery.

Augmented reality apps bring 3d objects to real life

Apart from having a considerable novelty appeal at present, these are genuinely useful tools. There’s so much potential for creative marketing with AR, so digital marketers need to take the opportunity to think outside the box to get the edge over their competitors.


What with micro-moments, voice search, user-generated content, chatbots and AR, there’s a lot to be getting to grips with for 2019. More broadly, across the specific trends, AI is going to change the way digital marketing operates. Authentic content is going to remain popular and the pace of development is going to keep on increasing.

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