Apr 18, 2015
5 digital trends

Digital marketing tools are forever growing and the goal posts are a moving target in such a fast paced environment. This is why it is important to stay on top of the game and take advantage of the trends of the moment. Here’s some of the key trends which businesses should be considering throughout 2015.

Rise of content marketing

Marketeers will continue to abandon traditional marketing methods in favour of quality, interesting content features giving more focus on the customer and their experience. Be useful, interesting or amusing.

Videos are everywhere

Whether it’s a viral video, a news item or an amusing Gif, Videos are now one of the most widely used form of media, especially on social media. People now expect visual, interactive content. Like this viral video of Ben Still aka Derek Zoolander walking in the Valentino catwalk show at Paris fashion week.

Importance of mobile

Mobile is still on the rise with people relying on their mobile devices for more and more daily tasks than ever before, especially when it comes to browsing.

Segmentation & targeting

Targeting the right people at the right time. Today there are many tools available to help you reach the correct market to really make your investment go further. Users/customers are much more reactive to useful marketing which you can only do by targeted solutions. There’s no excuse for not using these tools and being of use to your audience.

Online & Offline gap drawing closer

Both equally as important but one without the other just won’t work. Businesses need a strong mix of online and offline marketing presence to truly be successful with the rise of things such like ibeacons. That’s why an agency that can offer a full marketing service (not just online alone) has never been more beneficial to your marketing strategy.