The Best Content Marketing Process [2019]: Ultimate Guide

May 08, 2019

Best Content Marketing Process header image by CMS

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’. This remains as true as ever in today’s online marketing world. What is not true is that it’s enough to create the best content possible. You also need a digital marketing strategy in place to ensure that your content is visible. The big question for all small businesses, B2C e-commerce and B2B sites alike, is how to conquer the top positions in search engines and attract a massive amount of relevant traffic. In short: What’s the best content marketing process?

At CMS, we help small businesses take their sites to the next level. In fact, we’ve been assisting businesses with our Leeds based marketing services for 37+ years. It’s in this same spirit that we want to offer you the information you need for successful content marketing. Let’s dig into it!

This is our step-by-step ultimate guide to the best content marketing process in 2019.

The Simple Steps to Brilliant Content Marketing

It can be hard to truly grasp just how valuable this process can be for your content marketing efforts.

If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll be using the best content marketing process out there. You’ll be able to potentially double your organic traffic. Better yet, you’ll be able to see fantastic results almost immediately.

Let’s get down to it. These are the steps you need to take in order to truly start marketing your content at a new level:

  1. Conduct keyword research
  2. Find highly linkable content
  3. Use content types that have flair
  4. Create content that’s simply better than what’s out there
  5. Market the content to people that care
  6. Reap the rewards

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? The fact is that it’s really rather straightforward in principle. It’s the execution that makes it hard. After all, if it was easy - everyone would do it.

Before we jump into the steps, let us just quickly establish some ground rules.

Now we’ll work on the assumption that you’re planning on enforcing the above. Let’s get to the steps!

Step 1: Keyword Research is the Name of the Game

While it’s very tempting to jump ahead and get lost in the creative effort of writing beautiful, engaging, and inspirational content - you need to apply some elbow grease first. Fun and creativity is important, but data is vital to how successful your content can be. This wouldn’t be the best content marketing process without data.

Keyword research is what allows you to align great content with a demand.

Keyword research is without a doubt the very first thing you’ll want to do once you have a general idea of what topic you want to cover.

Now let’s run a simple keyword research example:

Let’s assume you want to write an article looking at business-to-business lead generation.

Pro tip 1: The first thing to do is to enter a long tail keyword. For the purpose of this article, let’s enter the keywords “B2B lead generation” in Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. It’s a free, intuitive keyword research tool, and allows you to export a list of keywords related to your search. It’s simply brilliant considering it’s a free tool.

ubersuggest keyword search bar by Neil Patel

Pro tip 2: Once you’ve entered your search terms and hit search, you’ll be taken to a new page. At this page you’ll click on “Keyword Ideas” - which will give you a page that looks like this:

ubersuggest keyword ideas

Pro tip 3: At this point, you’ll apply filters so you can start to narrow the results down to an ideal keyword list. Try first applying filters for minimum traffic and maximum SEO difficulty. This will provide you with a list of keywords with the highest possible volume, at the lowest possible competition rate.

Pro tip 4: Export the list from Ubersuggest and start evaluating the keywords you’re left with to find a highly targeted list of about 10-20 keywords. This should be enough to start with.

Step 2: Use the Most Linked-to Articles to Your Advantage

At this point, you’ll have a very precise list of keywords on the topic you want to write an article about. The next step in our recommended best content marketing process is to identify which articles on your topic are currently the best ones out there.

Pro tip 1: Google it.

Use the very best keyword you found during your keyword research process.

Reminder, that will be the keyword with the highest volume, lowest keyword difficulty, and highest relevance.

The first page of results you see will be the articles that perform best for this keyword. Keep a list of these 10 articles - you’ll need them later.

Pro tip 2: Add all the pages that currently rank on the first page of the search results into a tool that lets you export all their backlinks. This allows you to see every single domain that links to some of the best-performing articles on the topic you want to write about.

We recommend using these tools for finding links:

The Ahrefs Backlink Checker

ahrefs backlink checker

SEMrush Backlink Audit

Semrush backlink audit

Moz Link Explorer

moz link explorer

The purpose of this exercise is simply to find and document all the sites that already link to articles that are exactly what you’re going to create. After all - you’re going to create the best article of them all! As a result, you now know exactly who to contact about your article and simply give them a heads up that you have the best article on the subject, that’s more up to date, more useful… in short, far superior to what’s currently out there.

SEO and keyword research can be a struggle without the experience and tools. We’re here to help!

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Step 3: Find the Content Types that Really Create a Buzz

Social media and content

This stage is an important part of what makes the best content marketing process actually the best: You want to make sure you create the right type of content.

This is because you need to use different types of content to target the right reader. This allows you to create content designed for the right stage of the content marketing funnel.

We’ll give you some recommendations on content elements and types you should make sure to create or include:

Video content

Video is a great medium for gaining attention from your social media marketing, but also for closing and generating leads.

  • Pro tip 1: You should definitely use videos as part of your content, especially if you’re creating a content funnel. Videos engage visitors differently from static images and text - and it’s shown to increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Pro tip 2: Video is great for generating social media buzz. Even if your video is extremely promotional, it’s likely to get shared. Research shows that 24% of people are happy to share a video ad they saw on their social media timeline.

Use different types of visual content

Using unique visual content helps your article stand out from the rest of the Shutterstock fueled articles out there. While visual content marketing is almost its own genre, it’s an important part of what makes up the best content marketing process.

Engaging content

Creating engaging content is key. Including engaging elements, like a quiz, can make a huge difference in how much time viewers spend on your page. It also helps increase how shareable your content is - not least it might generate more opt-ins to help grow your mailing list.

  • Pro tip 1: Using a personality quiz correctly in your content can actually result in up to a 50% opt-in rate. This is pure gold for growing your mailing list and generating a larger returning audience. Fantastic news for your traffic!
  • Pro tip 2: Quizzes significantly increase the likelihood that people will share your content. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 stories shared on Facebook are quizzes.

If you apply any or all of these content types you’ll be doing your content a massive favour and generate buzz once you’re done actively promoting it yourself. Let your audience become your promoters!

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Step 4: Create Content that's Miles Better than the Rest!

Remember that list of 10 articles you got when finding the most linked-to pieces of content for your topic? This is where it comes in handy again. Only this time you’re going to read all of these articles in detail. It might sound like a drag, but it’s a crucial part of our recommended best content marketing process.

Why read them all: It gives you a great understanding of exactly what types of information people find valuable, and that Google considers crucial to meeting the searcher’s needs. You want to know exactly what’s currently being offered so you can kick it up a notch.

While assessing the content, you want to look for the following:

  • Article length - find out how long the top 10 articles are on average. This will give you a good estimate as to what length you should aim for in your article.
  • Identify points/facts - by finding out exactly what facts and points are brought forward you know the focal points to work from. However, do not rehash the same old stuff. Find a new angle and create something unique.
  • Look for the x-factor - Any unique elements to these articles can be helpful - and hopefully, it will inspire your content creation.

Step 5: Reach Your Ideal Audience Quickly

This is where you’ll take your content and send it directly to your ideal audience.

Remember that list of sites from step 2? It’s time to get that out again.

Ideally, you’ve already created the best, most informative and useful article out there on your topic. You’ve made sure to use highly share-worthy content elements, like videos or quizzes. You have the overview of all the sites that link to the articles you’re going to blow out of the water.

CMS rocket soars with your traffic

What you need to do now is to look at that list of links to competing articles and quickly evaluate them.

Pro tip 1: remove all article directories from your list

Pro tip 2: remove low-value targets

After doing the above, you should have a huge list of targets to contact - ideally somewhere in the hundreds.

This is your unique value proposition that guarantees you links

At this point, all you need to do is email marketing. Honestly, sounds more complex than it is. Simply contact your targets with a very simple message:

“Hi, I see you’ve linked to X article on your post Y. I know how important it is to refer to the best and most up-to-date content, which is why I’ve spent the last month creating article Z. I’m confident you and your audience will benefit greatly from the article, and I thought you might want to reference it in your post.”

The value is obvious, and frankly, everyone stands to gain from it (except your competitors, who you just demolished with utterly brilliant work)!

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Step 6: Lean Back and Reap Your Well-Earned Rewards

All you need to do now is lean back in your chair, keep an eye on your analytics, and see the links grow exponentially and your traffic soar.

If you need help putting any of this into action for your B2B or e-commerce site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can see an overview of our digital media products and services here. At CMS, we’re always happy to help ambitious small businesses take it to the next level. All you need to do is get in touch with us here.