How to build your brand through Instagram stories

Jul 09, 2018


Visual content is becoming more powerful than ever on social media. As the use of phones and tablets has grown, so has our urge to share our lives through images and videos. We have always been told to put our best selves out there, because once its out there it stays out there. Well at least until now, with the rise of new ways to share content with a 24-hour lifespan that encourages sharing in a more authentic way.

Instagram storyInstagram storyInstagram story

Instagram launched its stories in August 2016, the feature spread like a wildfire. Today more than 300 million users upload stories daily. Instagram Stories have brought social marketers a great opportunity to reach a higher number of people and make interaction with them so much easier, as well as, more personal.

Market research in your pocket

Last October Instagram added an additional feature to its stories, that allows its users to add interactive and even playful polls to their stories.

These surveys are a fun, frictionless approach to get your followers connected with and hear their opinion on any points of interest, your brand can get first insight on how consumers might approach something. These polls could save your brand money, energy and most importantly time, all of this whilst engaging with your audience.

Influencers and brands alike have seen an increase in Instagram Live and Stories engagement after employing polls since the feature’s inception. Using Instagram Insights, they can track engagement per post or entire feed activity per time period.

Social media- Bridge between brand and its followers

One of the most important things about social media has always been the ability for brands to connect with their followers more closely. Stories, either Instagram or Snapchat, have taken the ability one step further. It’s important to remember though, if your brand isn’t capitalizing on the bond with followers that stories have enabled to create, then it’s a wasted opportunity.

Instagram for business offers an ability to tag and link your products, people, services or website. All your audience has to do is swipe up and get redirected to your brands chosen URL. There is even an option to add a buy button on your stories giving you the opportunity not only to redirect them to just a URL of your choice but to a checkout with an item already in the basket, all ready to purchase it. Marketers can link to lead-generation forms from their respective email marketing software and boom, your email list is going off the roof.