CMS super-slimmers shed 20 stone!

Jun 25, 2018

Super slimmers

CMS is an established heavyweight in Yorkshire’s marketing scene, but the agency has become considerably lighter in body weight following some spectacular success in a collective slimming programme.

Six senior staff took the decision to follow the Slimming World plan and the results have been mightily impressive: over 20 stones have so far been shed between them. The super-slimmers include three members of our specialist recruitment marketing team - Helen Taylor, Pat Gallagher and Adele Chaplin – as well as Managing Director Andy Batty, Financial Manager Catherine Phillipson and Media Planner Claire Blythe. The effects have been so pronounced that CMS is planning to re-shoot the staff bio photographs on its website to reflect their change in appearance.

Andy said:

“The team at CMS always show absolute dedication and commitment to the work we do and we have applied the same qualities to the slimming programme. It’s fair to say that the results have been even better than we’d hoped, probably due to a sense of solidarity with a hint of natural competitiveness also a possible factor.”

CMS staff may be much slimmer in waistline, but the company’s bulging client base has ballooned in recent months with a series of meaty accounts secured across a wide range of sectors. In response, CMS has further expanded its personnel with several new recruitments.