Get to know your athlete [Rachel]

Apr 17, 2019

Rachel is now an Asics Frontrunner

An all exclusive interview with Creative Marketing Services’ very own Rachel.

Rachel has recently achieved the title of ‘FrontRunner’ United Kingdom for ASICS. The ASICS FrontRunner project started back in 2010 and has global team members in over 30 countries, their main goal is to support inspiring people who are; beginners, elites, marathon runners, ultrarunners and triathletes – All having one thing in common…the love for sports!

Rachel signed up for her first marathon back in 2013. She wanted to challenge herself to achieve something she didn’t think she would ever be capable of.

Asics Win the Long Run Rachel

Rachel’s Personal Records

  • Record 10KM: 00:51:33
  • Record 10 Mile: 01:25:57
  • Record Half Marathon: 01:55:14
  • Record Marathon: 04:12:55

What is your main motivation for marathon running?

I’m not really the definition of the ‘sportiest person’ in the world and I didn’t start running until I was in my 30s, but I like to challenge myself.

I had a few people laugh and say I was insane (they may have been right there) but that didn’t stir me away from the goal I had set for myself and at the end of it I completed my first marathon (26.2 miles) and a few years later I am now on my 9th marathon!

Challenging yourself is key and I love a good challenge!

How many marathons have you run?

I’ve run a total of 9 marathons, and I will be completing a further 2 this year!

Which was your favourite marathon?

That’s a tough one! (A lot of umming and ahhing later.) I’d have to say Baxters Loch Ness Marathon.

The scenery was stunning, we ran through the highlands and finished in Inverness, even with all the hills, this marathon was by far my favourite.

The only low points we had during the marathon was the rain (which can’t be helped! We were in Scotland after all) and sadly…I didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster, but I’m sure at least one of the 4,000 runners managed to get a glimpse!

Rachel Diver at the Loch Ness Marathon

Which was the hardest marathon to prepare for?

I’d have to say the Manchester marathon, I had recently recovered from an IT band injury, which is where the connective tissue from the outside of my hip down to my knee had become tight and inflamed.

How do you prepare for a marathon? Any tips for first-timers?

I’d always suggest finding a training plan and sticking to it! Training plans are easy to follow and are easily adaptable to fit around any other commitments, even if it means starting your day an hour earlier than usual or postponing your weekly shop by an hour or two (Asda is now 24hr, so we can’t use food shopping as an excuse!)

Some starter tips;

  • Start your training plan 16 weeks in advance.
  • Run between 3-5 times a week (All dependant on your goal).
  • Work out your own pace – if you can’t hold a conversation on your long run, then you are going too fast!
  • Try different breakfasts and energy gels during your training, so you can work out which is best for you in advance.
  • Rest before the big day!

If you’d like some more in-depth tips, check out Rachel’s blog on ‘How to train for your first marathon.’

What’s your least favourite thing about training?

Getting up early!

When preparing for a big marathon, getting up earlier is a sacrifice that needs to be made. Sad, I know, but the psychological benefits for your motivation are extraordinary.

Teaching your body a different routine will be hard, to begin with, but, determination and motivation towards your goals are key.

What’s your favourite thing about training?

That I am able to challenge myself! I feel a lot stronger as a person and being able to see what capabilities I can push myself to exceed makes me feel so much better and healthier overall.

Rachel just casually taking a jog down a country road

How do you feel about being a sports ambassador for Asics?

I’m still in shock about it all. I wrongly assumed that all sports ambassadors were these really sporty types, who just dedicated their lives to their love of sports, but that isn’t what ASICS is about! Their FrontRunner Project is for every type of athlete and I am glad that ASICS has a whole variety of different demographics representing their brand, which I truly get behind!

We all have one thing in common, which is our passion for movement, be that if we are a beginner, an elite, a marathon runner, an ultrarunner or triathlete.

ASICS truly supports and inspires people from all over the world, creating a unique and authentic community. Motivating people to move their mind and their bodies.

Which truly captivates their message of “sound body, sound mind.”

Our goals are the same and I am proud to be part of it.

What is one of your main goals?

Enjoying the whole experience and hopefully enticing others into finding their love for sports, be it; running, cycling, swimming and so on.

The true goal is to find something you enjoy and sticking with it!


Finally, what would be a successful season for you?

I’d like to get through the year without injuring myself (even though it didn’t stop me last time) and improving my personal records!

The countdown to the Liverpool Marathon in May has begun so, hopefully, I will smash some of my records then!

Follow Rachel’s story via her blog and all of us at Creative Marketing Services wish her all the best in her next marathons!