How to: Recruit Staff Without Search Agency Fees

Feb 07, 2019

How to: Recruitment

If you go back a decade or so, recruiting staff was relatively straight forward. You placed a job advertisement in the local newspaper, got a stack of replies, sifted through them, saw six contenders, shortlisted three and appointed one. Job done.

The cost was a few hundred pounds. Actually, it varied according to the circulation of the newspaper, so it cost you more to recruit in Birmingham than Banbury for example.

If you wanted to up your response you got a recruitment advertising agency to design an ad that stood out amongst all the others and sold the personality of your employer brand. That also had the benefit that your employer brand became well known and you encouraged speculative applications.

Fast forward to 2018 and local newspapers are in their death throes, especially when it comes to recruitment advertising. Where a Thursday night paper would proudly boast twelve pages of job ads it would be astonishing to see a quarter page of job ads.

People still want jobs, employers till want people so where do they go.

Increasingly they’ve turned to search and selection companies and paid up to 20% of a new recruit’s salary as a search fee. But is there an alternative? Where do search and selection agencies go?

Andrew Batty, Managing Director of Creative Marketing Services has the answer. CMS is a full-service marketing agency with a heavy investment in digital and social media. It also has a 37-year track record in recruitment advertising and employer branding so it’s well qualified to answer how.

‘Search agencies use social media. Platforms like Facebook, Linked in and Twitter are very powerful ways to identify specific people. For example, a mental health nurse within ten miles of a specific postcode. Or a person with certain professional qualifications. We can target precise social media users and message them when they come online. We can also build social media pages for clients which build the employer brand’.

recruit the right members of staff

CMS know what they’re talking about. They’ve won awards for it.

‘One client is a national brand seeking staff at various rural locations which are often areas of reasonable full employment. They must compete for staff with the big supermarkets and hotel groups. We create social media pages which sell the employer brand, as distinct from eh clients corporate page. We add frequent content and show the benefits of working for that company. We sell the employer brand with as much dedication as the corporate profile sells the corporate brand’.

CMS have won awards for their recruitment

So, what’s the benefit to an employer?

First, the cost is far below that of paying 20% of staff salaries in search fees. Second, it encourages speculative applications. Third, there’s the spin off benefit to existing staff. Finally, it sells the employer brand again, keeping a company visible in its areas to its potential staff audience.

People like to work in an organisation which has an employer brand. Ask yourself what working for your company says about the person applying. If an applicant is offered a job with you and two rivals at the same time, which would they take and why?

Creative Marketing Services know how and why to build your employer brand and that not only is a wise marketing and HR move its also a very astute financial one.

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