How Video Content Marketing Can Improve Your Brand

Sep 14, 2018

Video content marketing

If you’re not using video yet for your content marketing, then you’re failing to take advantage of one of the most powerful online tools currently available for businesses.

If you are using video then you’re on to a very good thing and the chances are that with a few tweaks and expert insights you could increase the efficacy of your campaigns by a considerable degree. In this article, we’ll take you through video marketing and explain how using it can improve your brand.

Why use video?

Your customers find it easier than reading

Reading takes a little discipline. By reading this right now you’re exerting a certain quantity of will-power because you really want to learn and you’re willing to sit and decode this language in order to get to the important information. However, a high proportion of your target market simply doesn’t like reading. They much prefer to just sit back and watch a video. It’s far easier and there’s generally more instant gratification.

Video is a very exciting form

Video is an all-round experience. You’ve got pictures, sounds and narrative all artfully combined to create a satisfying overall product. At its most refined –the art of cinematography—you find the best of three worlds: painting/photography, musical composition and drama, brought together in perfect harmony. Whether it’s Hollywood or the French New Wave, the form is incredibly engaging. Of course, with content marketing the aim isn’t necessarily quite the same as it is with Film; but the form is the same, and so are the advantages it offers over other media. This Volvo video is from 2013 but still has a huge impact.

Video and Social Media

In recent years, we’ve all noticed the rise of video. It’s absolutely everywhere! If you’re reading a newspaper online, you’ll come across a video half-way through your article; if you click on your social media profiles, again you’ll be hit by videos. Then, it goes without saying, YouTube is constantly growing. Nearly all the household brands of the last couple of years have a YouTube channel and post videos on Facebook. Why? The answer is simple. It’s because it brings the highest level of engagement.

video marketing for social media

PPC and Video Marketing

One of the best features of video marketing in 2018 is that it can be backed by PPC. PPC stands for Pay per Click and is a form of advertising that you only pay for if your customers respond to it. What could be better? With PPC you avoid investing resources on ineffective marketing. Furthermore, you can use the process to fine-tune your content over time. By monitoring what works and what doesn’t, without the need for any extensive research or external consultancy, you can refine your content gradually until it is like laser-guided marketing that hits its target precisely every single time.

Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos have grown tremendously and are an extremely effective way to convey a message to an audience whilst bringing the highest amount of engagement. Whilst the Volvo video mentioned above was typical of the established school of TV advertising, whiteboard videos are something new and different. A whiteboard video is, as the name suggests, a video that consists of a simple presentation on a whiteboard. It might sound primitive and dull, but it’s a far cry from a school whiteboard presentation….

Whiteboard video marketing

Simple yet sophisticated

Whiteboard videos are far more advanced than they appear to the average viewer. Like many simple things in life, the sophistication of the technology is hidden behind an elegant design. A Dyson fan, for example, doesn’t look like much because it is so intelligently designed; however, the technology, as applied to a domestic product for keeping cool in the heat, is truly ground-breaking. With a whiteboard video, you get carefully mapped out ideas with highly eloquent explanations so that complex concepts are easily grasped by all viewers.

This is particularly useful for companies offering something new and unfamiliar to the market needing to explain the product or service, create excitement around it and trust in the brand. It’s also useful for a company offering a relatively complex product. Financial services, for instance, can become very involved as they are concerned with tax, insurance and, often, legalese that is hard for a layperson to decipher. Here’s a classic example.

The advantage of being childish

These nice, straight-forward explanations are often paired with cartoon style drawing. You’ll typically find speech bubbles, thought bubbles, big arrows connecting point to point, and sometimes even emoticons. This simple style serves to illustrate, without further complicating, the presentation. It also reminds us of childhood, countering the potentially off-putting nature of study and scholarship, and can contain humour which provides comic relief. Finally, it ensures that what we see is always highly dynamic – constantly moving and never allowing our attention to wander, always bringing us back to the content.

Video content marketing is one of the best ways you can improve your brand. To get started or to enhance your current video content, get in touch with us, here, at Creative Marketing Services.