Mar 02, 2016
the new day newspaper

The New Day, Trinity Mirror’s new print newspaper, released its first edition this week on the 29th February. So will it be a success? Or will the new print newspaper, in an ever growing digital age, be doomed from the start?

The first edition was free, with 2,000,000 copies printed around the UK, but now Trinity Mirror needs to deliver on the 200,000 guaranteed circulation it has promised advertisers. The strategy to help deliver this is to have an introductory price at 25 pence, potentially increasing to 50 pence once the audience has been established.

The paper includes mostly short stories of current issues, features, and entertainment, much like the Metro. However it does cover some serious issues too, as you would expect your newspaper to do. The paper is short on advertisements (with a total of 6 adverts in the first issue, comprising of a couple of full pages, half pages and 25 x 4 adverts) which could prove a positive outcome for readers as they receive more readable content rather than being impose by a large number of brands. However, the content does seem to be mostly female orientated, and with the New Day Facebook page also asking readers to send in stories on babies, weddings and anniversaries it is not unfair to suggest the female/male split.

Industry experts have had their opinions on the matter and of course, they are divided. With some stating it is madness to launch a print newspaper in the digital age, to some applauding the new easy reading newspaper with a fresh look.

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