Aug 06, 2018

Leeds Pride

For the last couple of weeks rainbow phone booths, road crossings, flags and colourful building walls have been popping up all over Leeds City Centre and the surrounding area in preparation for one of the most inclusive and colourful events that take place in the heart of Leeds – Leeds Pride! On Sunday 6th August Millennium Square turned into a flourish of colour as pride-goers began waving their flags and heading into the city for the pride annual event.

Leeds Pride Parade

Thousands of people attended Leeds Pride 2018. There were be more than 100 floats setting off along the route, finishing on Lower Briggate with a huge party and hours of entertainment. You could really feel the love around the city. Leeds Pride is an annual celebration held in the city centre and has been taking place since 2006. With over 40,000 people attending each year, the number of people in attendance continues to grow as well as the Pride itself – more stalls, more attractions and more drink & food vendors making it the biggest Leeds Pride to date.

Creative Marketing Services attended pride too, this year only as spectators, however as our diverse team is growing, maybe next year will be the year it decides to take part in the Leeds Pride Parade!