Oct 27, 2015

morrisons logo

Earlier in the year we saw Google update their typeface on their world renowned logo and it seems that other nationwide brands have decided to follow suit and jump on the new logo design bandwagon too.

The Yorkshire based supermarket retailer unveiled their new logo earlier this month and was met with very mixed reviews. The typface has changed from all upper case to a caps ‘M’ with the rest of the word in lower case and some delicate leave shapes intricately placed above the ‘i’ to resemble a type of tree. Much like the luxury British handbag brand Mullberry. They have however, kept the traditional yellow and green colour scheme so as to maintain brand recognition.

Some say that the new logo adds an air of affordable luxury and therefore sits them in the middle ground of supermarket retailers. They don’t quite sit alongside the likes of Waitrose or M&S but are not as budget orientated as Lidle and Aldi. We think their new logo solidifies them in the middle ground right in the centre of the mass market.

What do you think?