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Jul 02, 2019

What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is utilising more than one media/platform to reach your customer. Depending on the end result i.e. a general branding or a direct response message and target audience, this could mean a mixture of:

• High impact TV campaign

• Radio

• Direct mail

• Magazines (ads or inserts)

• Newspapers (ads or inserts)

• OOH (Out of home, to include billboards, buses, bus stops, train stations, taxis)

• PR

• Online display

• Social media advertising

• Social media posts



Before the World Wide Web, the multi-channel options were numerous, but to get your brand/product message to your target audience has now become more of a challenge in a crowded and highly competitive online market.

Whether you’re a consumer brand or a business to business company, your customer is going to be consuming various media and messages throughout the day, so using more than one platform will expose your brand to a wider market.

Ensuring that a multi-channel campaign or strategy is effective means that all channels need to be used in conjunction with each other.

The benefits of using more than one platform

There are various benefits of using more than one platform, from increasing your ROI to enabling creativity.


By not relying on one channel and ensuring you have adequate tracking systems in place such as unique 0800 telephone numbers and codes, unique URLs in different media and effective keywords and phrases that drive your SEO, your long term strategy can be tweaked so you can invest more into one channel, by either dropping or reducing spend on another media platform.


Effective tracking and amending of your strategy will mean better ROI and cost per lead/cost per sale.

Wider audience

If you want to grow your business, as well as sales, using different channels means reaching a wider and new audience.

For example: by just using Newspaper ads/inserts in the Yorkshire Evening Post, you will be limiting your brand/product message to one demographic. But if you advertised on Facebook alongside of your Newspaper ads/inserts you are, in laymen terms, doubling your exposure to your target audience.


Whilst a consistent message needs to be released on all channels, how it is delivered will vary, depending on the channel. For example, a TV advert or a large print advert or a 4-page insert/door drop will enable you to demonstrate much more creativity and content than a tweet or Facebook post or ad.

Even the biggest online only brands are still utilising more traditional advertising channels to gain new users and create a buzz. Facebook has famously advertised on billboards and in India they have also advertised in press and TV. (1)

What Channels best complement each other?

Depending on your business and what you’re trying to achieve through multi-marketing, will determine what channels you use. For example, if you’re opening a new out of town store, then a door drop in that area would be highly beneficial, along with a localised radio campaign, local press/magazines and a locally targeted social media campaign.

For a national brand, traditional methods should also be used, as per the Facebook examples, to drive traffic and create a buzz. (1).

Large established brands need to ensure that they continue with brand awareness, even if the ROI of TV and print doesn’t compare favourably to their digital methods.

Next announced last year that they were cutting TV and print budgets significantly, however this could prove detrimental to their overall brand awareness.

“Mail has the physical power to drive a digital response from 70% of customers. In a world of fleeting clicks, choose the channel customers touch” – Royal Mail Market Reach https://www.marketreach.co.uk/

‘Snail mail’ still has an important part to play in driving traffic online. The major benefit of Mail is how creative you can be in delivering your message, there are endless options – simple postcard, flyer, 4-page insert, 8-page insert, gatefold inserts, cut outs, pop ups etc.

People still like the touchy-feely element and the more creative you can be, the better the opportunity of potential customers being intrigued.

Why use a marketing agency to produce a strategy?

The benefits of using the services of a marketing agency are:

• Receiving impartial advice and insight into the ever-expanding media landscape

• Tapping into talent who have years of experience in planning and delivering strategies and implementing media schedules

• Agencies have the contacts and relationships with media owners

• Saving you precious time

• Buying power

• Creativity

• Outside perspective

Choosing an agency for your digital needs, in particular, means that you are gaining invaluable expertise into a fast moving and ever-changing channel. Google and Facebook are consistently changing rules and goalposts, so to gain the best results, you need expert knowledge from marketeers that live and breath the digital landscape.


The most important element is that both sides see the relationship as a partnership with the end goal of delivering results.

Business needs change, so flexibility and scalability are key on the agency’s part.


Having a marketing agency who also has a creative studio has additional benefits, the most obvious being that everything is under one roof, making it easier for you and the agency to manage the whole process. Having an agency producing creative where they know which media is being used, along with relevant deadlines means that the whole process will be much more streamlined. An additional benefit is they can also produce your marketing collateral – brochures, catalogues, internal newsletters and exhibition stands for example.

The benefits of working with us as an agency

CMS Advertising have been around a long time, 37 years to be precise! That’s not a good enough reason alone to choose us. We have a wealth of experience of working in partnership with B2C, B2B and third sector clients nationwide to deliver their goals. As a full-service agency, everything you need is under one roof, taking the strain away from your busy marketing team.

Under one roof, we have:

• Offline media planners and buyers, to include broadcast media

• Print format experts and buyers

• Creative and artwork studio

• Relationships with photographers and videographers (including commercial drone use)

• Digital marketing experts

• Website builders

• Website designers

• PR services

• Recruitment advertising expertise

We’re an independent agency so have the flexibility and scalability that our clients require. We’re also very hard working and friendly and to top it all off, we have Pedro the peacock!

Get in touch with us here at Creative Marketing Services for expert marketing solutions for 2019. You can call us on 0113 287 7973. And don’t forget to bookmark this blog for our regular digital marketing insights.