CMS at SearchLeeds 2018!

Jun 18, 2018

Search leeds giant letters

As for any business, education and progression are key, especially in the rapidly ever-changing digital world. And this year for us at CMS we are driving our digital side of work at full force! This year we are aiming to push the SEO side of our work much further to provide our clients the fullest experience to develop their site’s online visibility. Furthermore, we realized the perfect way for us to educate ourselves is by attending the biggest search marketing event in the North of England, SearchLeeds by Branded3.


Purna Virgi, Microsoft

As the second speaker of the main stage, Purna projected a strong message about AI and Search technology. By exploring the possibilities of what AI can achieve and how it can be applied to better the accessibility and intelligence of Search, Purna gave an insight into what we can expect in the near future. And from this talk, we are now highly anticipating the future of Search technology and what Machine Learning can provide the online universe.

Kirsty Hulse, Manyminds

Just after the first break at the main stage, we decided to venture on back to learn about how SEO agencies manage to produce an effective content campaign without having to invest intense amounts of funds and time. Given the example of a content campaign which proved heavily successful (The only successful campaign Kirsty has done, about the structurally sound pillow fort for a bedding company, which also drove traffic to the architect too!) It really opened our eyes on creating content which is seriously outside of the box to help build links in the most natural of ways.

Kelvin Newman, Rough Agenda

From the man behind BrightonSEO, there was a very informative talk about taking keywords insights from your competitors, it says there was going to be 3, but it was really 6. But with that plot twist, we were excited to see these new tools that are in use. By showing how to extract all of the words out of a web page and to put them through multiple tools to show you new variants of the keywords on there you can really discover how to rank under better terms, mainly aside from using Google keyword planner.


Quality and unique content!

In this day and age, the sheer amount of content on the internet is insane, which means your content needs to be different to begin getting any traction. This means the bar is quite high for anyone creating the content. Which also means they have to be extremely unique, informative and interactive for the reader, whilst also being an easy read. Having your content follow a structure which makes it hold all the information needed with the ability to be quickly scanned by the reader. Having headings and sub-headings allows the reader to be able to quickly go through the content if need be where the information below can be optional.

Making the content interactive is another solid method to attract the viewer, this can be in the form of a quiz, or a timeline as mentioned by Kirsty during her talk. This makes the content engage the reader along with creating a “fun” experience for them.

Keep experimenting

This is extremely important due to the fact that search marketing is constantly evolving and changing, using the same old method over and over again can prove rather damaging once it becomes outdated. So in future, as advice to anyone in the SEO industry looking to build their client’s brand, it’s crucial that they keep in the loop of any new changes made by search engines so the marketing methods are always as beneficial as they can be. And always don’t forget to try new methods as you’ll never know what’ll break through! Which concludes the CMS take on SearchLeeds, for those of us that attended there, we are delighted to have learned so much from these agencies, we look forward to next years!

Search Leeds Stephen Kenwright