Aug 13, 2018

What is Digital Marketing

If you’re new to digital marketing then let us welcome you to this wonderful world!

We know better than anyone that this stuff can feel a little overwhelming at times, so, in this article, we’re going to break it all down and explore some of the most popular digital marketing methods out there.


We’ll kick things off with social media. Here at Creative Marketing Services, we understand that this is far and away the most powerful tool at your disposal and really cannot be underestimated. Not only does its reach exceed that of conventional media, but it can also be more precisely targeted.

Social Media Icons


PPC stands for Pay per Click. This is a kind of advertising that you only pay for when it is clicked on. In other words, if you have an advertisement on Facebook and a lot of users end up clicking on it, then you pay Facebook. If your ad doesn’t prove so popular for whatever reason, then you don’t. Apart from allowing you to avoid blowing the budget on ineffective marketing, PPC also allows you to work out what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps a particular image was off-putting, or a particular slogan was too much of a hard sell for your target market. With PPC, you can use a process of trial and error to fine tune your ads.


When Twitter first made an appearance people were sceptical about how it would be used and what the point of it all was. Now, it’s absolutely flourishing and works brilliantly for marketing purposes. A superb networking tool, this completely free service gives your business a platform and a voice. You can share everything from your latest customer offer to a new vacancy to the fact that the office dog has just done something adorable! As you develop a following you’ll find that all sorts of opportunities arise that you weren’t expecting and couldn’t have planned. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on what your competitors are up to.


Speaking of networking tools, LinkedIn—the ultimate professional online network—is a great way to go. A strong aspect of advertising on LinkedIn is the fact that you can target your market with such accuracy. If you’re trying to sell a product or service then you know it won’t appeal to everyone. There’s no point trying to sell, say, kitchen appliances to someone who never cooks – it’s a waste of money and can affect team morale as it can be quite demoralising to feel that nobody is bothered. You need to target those who are actually likely to be interested, and this is what LinkedIn is good for.


Branding concerns much more than just your company’s logo and business cards. In the broader sense of the term, branding is about the overall image that your company has in people’s minds. Take a brand such as Dove, for example. In recent years, this cosmetics company has become very well known for its trustworthy products and for addressing the concerns of “real women”. In fact, Dove is now the go-to brand for many women on the strength of this branding and marketing alone.

Digital marketing facilitates really creative branding by providing a range of channels that let companies connect with customers in a very personal way. Instagram, for example, allows your company to appear in aesthetically pleasing photographs, in the very same space as a user’s friends and the celebrities that they follow. That’s a much more intimate setting than, say, an ad on the back of a bus or a poster on the street, and should be handled intelligently to create a good relationship with your target market.

Creative Branding


SEO is not something that should ever be taken lightly. Many don’t fully understand the significance of SEO, but it’s the backstage side of online operations that make a massive difference to performance.

At its most simple, SEO is about ensuring that people can find your particular website amongst the thousands upon thousands of similar sites on the web. Think about it, when you search for something, how often do you get beyond the first or second page of results? Most users don’t, which is why you need to do all you can to get high up the rankings. Including popular keywords in all of the text of your website is the bread and butter of SEO. Beyond that, and slightly more advanced, is acquiring more links to your site, so that people are directed to you from all over the web, and so that search engines recognise you as a website of quality. Then, one of the most direct methods is to use Google Ads. Formerly known as AdWords, this is a way of advertising on Google so that your company appears when people search for the services you offer. Like Facebook, this works on a pay per click basis, so it will always be a good investment.

For further insights, or if you’d like a helping hand with your company’s digital marketing, get in touch with us, here at Creative Marketing Services, today.