Video content in 2019 - How video is continuing to grow

Jun 11, 2019

In 2019, video content is still on the up. There’s just no getting away from the fact that video content is the way forward.

As a marketer, whether you’re concerned with a small company or major brands, it’s important to keep on top of the latest developments.

In this article, we take a good look at why video content is continuing to grow and help you to understand what makes it so effective.

So let’s start with one of the most important factors—video is easy to access…

Video is easy to access

One of the major advantages that video content has over other forms of content marketing is that it is incredibly accessible. Think about something like a home cooking tutorial—it’s so much easier to watch a video than to read a traditional recipe from a book, or to follow the sort of recipe cards that have become popular in recent years.

People are lazy

It’s true that the majority of us will always take the easy option! Watching a video is more accessible than reading because it is easier. Reading is active, whereas watching a video is passive—you just sit and let it do the work for you. Text won’t read itself!

Video fits an international market

More and more businesses and brands are international now because the internet has made the world a more connected place. This means that the more you can transcend language barriers with your content the better. Video needn’t actually use language at all—images and music alone can be very powerful and can have universal appeal.

Video suits a diverse population

Not only are we becoming a more global society, but we are also becoming a more inclusive one. Disabilities no longer discount people from complete participation in the way they did a few decades ago. Video content can work for everyone by presenting a multi-sensory package that does not rely on just one element to effectively communicate its message.

Video can be integrated into everyday life

The beauty of video content is the way it can be integrated into the everyday life of a potential customer. We live more and more in a digital environment now, using social media to keep in touch and record the smallest details of our lives.

A video can be posted and viewed on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube, meaning that the target customer doesn’t have to do anything to receive your communication. There’s no requirement to step out of an everyday routine or visit new sites—a brand can come to a customer rather than asking the customer to come to them.

Video enhances a website

Attracting users to your website and keeping them there once they have arrived is very important for marketing. There’s something very attractive about video because it feels like entertainment.

Take a traditional form of marketing such as a newsletter. Now, it doesn’t matter how lively the writing is and how exciting the stories are, it’s never going to compare to a video in terms of really entertaining the visitor.

A small range of videos on a website can offer entertainment as well as information. They will draw visitors to the site and hold them there. They’ll probably come back again too, all because they were entertained for a few minutes of their day. Videos lift a brand’s website beyond the standard offering of blog posts and the straight-forward catalogue of products or services that are available.

Video content conveys personality and humour

The age of faceless corporations is now in the past. These days, we all want a more personal relationship with the brands that we use. Of course, immense global companies still exist, but they can be given a much more personal feel via strong video content.

Dollar Shave Club has a great example of video content that conveys a personality. It also conveys a lot of humour. This not only does the obvious thing of putting a smile on your face; more subtly, it also generates an almost sub-conscious, positive attitude towards the brand.

Video content tells a story

Storytelling is more important that a lot of people think. As a species, we really like stories. Stories are natural to us. Historically, they are a way to store and relay data that is important to our survival. It’s far easier to remember information that is in the form of a story than a load of bald facts and figures.

What this means is that a video that tells a story will naturally provoke our curiosity. Even if the brand in question is concerned with something that’s fundamentally quite dry, it’s easy to inject some excitement.

By using the sort of techniques that make modern TV series so addictive, such as presenting a situation that isn’t fully explained until further into the story, a brand can create massive engagement with an audience. This video content from Squarespace opens like a film and takes you through a story in a cinematic way. (The fact that it stars the famous actor Jeff Bridges, of course, adds to the cinematic quality of the video!)

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