Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Building an E-commerce Brand

Aug 28, 2018

Digital Marketing ecommerce

When it comes to building an e-commerce brand, digital marketing is not an optional extra: it’s absolutely crucial.

These days, it’s quite normal to find that very sharp-minded businessmen and women are not fully aware of the significance of digital marketing. Sometimes this is because they underestimate its efficacy and sometimes it’s due to a slight naivety concerning the way the internet actually works. Well, in this article, we’re going to look at what can happen if you don’t pay attention to your digital marketing, and how just a little time and effort pays dividends.

Nobody will visit your site - search engine rankings

The internet, as it stands in 2018, is absolutely enormous. There is an overwhelming number of websites now, many of them offering very similar services. And yet, who gets beyond the first few pages of search results? The majority of users type something into the search bar, scroll down the first page of results, maybe the second, and click on a link. What this means is that your business simply must make it into the top pages of search results if you hope to get visitors to your site.

Your website under magnifying glass SEO

This is where digital marketing comes in because without it you don’t stand a chance! A little magic from a digital marketing expert will see you rise up the rankings by addressing your site’s SEO. In fact, this is just one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your SEO. Once you’ve got visitors, of course, you’ve got business.

Nobody will read your content – SEO keywords

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your content is, or how stylish the copy, because without digital marketing nobody will read it. …OK, well, to be less dramatic, maybe a few users will; but to really get a healthy number of visitors swooping down on your pages and devouring your blog posts, you really need to carefully sculpt your website using digital marketing techniques.

You see, the incorporation of SEO keywords is often talked about but rarely mastered. Your content has to contain popular search terms or it’ll just remain in the hinterland of the internet, unread and unloved. If you employ digital marketing to optimise the copy, you’ll be amazed at how many more visitors you pick up. Then, once you’ve pulled them in, you can use more advanced techniques to keep them on the site, with features such as internal links taking them from one section of the site to another.

Nobody will remember your name - strong branding

“The Golden Arches”… aka McDonald’s. Now that’s an example of strong branding. Why is this fast-food chain so much more memorable than any other? Is it because the food is that much better than the food of any other comparable chain? No, it’s because the branding is brilliant. Of course, there are other ingredients that have led to the extraordinary success of this company and it would be simplistic to suggest that it all came down to branding; but, the fact is that branding is a huge part of the picture.

The point is that if you have a great product or offer a first class service, it won’t become a household name, it won’t even be remembered, without strong branding that utilises social media such as Instagram and Facebook and really gets into people’s heads. Your brand should aspire to be like an irritatingly catchy pop song with a melody that becomes an earworm and goes round and round and just won’t leave you alone!

Branding on billboard image+

Nobody will spread the word - link building

What every good business needs is for people to spread the word, doesn’t it? Now, for e-commerce, the digital equivalent of spreading the word is having plenty of links to your site. If you don’t invest in a bit of digital marketing then you’ll hardly be building your links at all and nobody will spread the word. If, on the other hand, you do invest, then you will be able to steadily build your links and this means two things.

Firstly, users are more likely to find you from another website. Someone might, for example, be looking at an online magazine and find a link to you and land on your site that way. Secondly, it means that search engines will regard your site as being of a high standard and place you higher up the rankings. It’s a kind of measure of quality, a bit like walking past a restaurant and seeing it empty on a Friday night and then walking past another one and seeing it full – which restaurant would you typically go and eat in? In short then, the more links the merrier!

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