Digital Marketing Agency in Bradford

Creative Marketing Services began in Bradford 36 years ago and we’ve been building Bradford businesses ever since. We started in Sunbridge Road before moving to Manningham then relocating to Leeds in 2005. But though we’re a few miles east, we’ve not forgotten our roots and Bradford businesses haven’t forgotten the differences we really make to a company’s success either.

We build awesome websites

If you want a website that really works hard, talk to us. 96% of websites we build are to replace sites that other web designers build which simply don’t get the results.

You need more than a web designer to create a website. You need a team who understand marketing, who understand the process that drives people to make a decision, who can write copy that persuades, who can design pages which engage, who can make sites which stand out for the rest.

It doesn’t end there. You need people who can code, optimise, build in natural search. You’ll then notice the difference between a site which works as a 24hr sales person and a site which is simply a business card on the net.

Social media marketing too

You’ll know of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube but if they don’t figure in your marketing plans then you’re missing a trick. They are not the total solution, but they are a contribution to it. Our social media marketing team creates great results for B2B and B2C clients alike. What’s more we can prove the effectiveness of very pound spent.

A by-product of good social media marketing is the impact it has on your website search position. Ask us for full details.


Getting a higher position on Google is most businesspeople’s aspiration. The good news is it’s usually easily possible because of how many other companies are complacent to slip down the list. That’s natural search and we advise on it and implement it.

Paid search is getting a position at the top of Google’s first page because you pay for it. It’s possible to waste a great deal of money. It’s also possible to see very impressive results with carefully controlled outlay. If you want the latter, you need the CMS team on board.


Keep in contact with your clients and prospective clients with effective e-marketing. Not sure what to write, leave it to us. We’ll write, design and transmit the e-shots and give you the results. E-marketing is measurable, affordable and, in the right hands, very effective.

Content and PR

Do you tweet/ Do you update your blog? Do you send our press releases and get coverage? Why not? Probably because you don’t have time to keep up to it or to create a constant source of content. That’s where the CMS team comes in. One flat monthly fee and your online activity is taken care of for you.

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