Digital marketing agency in Huddersfield

The M62 cuts across Yorkshire connecting Huddersfield and Halifax to be within easy reach of many services. One of them a first class, award winning marketing communication and digital agency just twenty minutes away. From just around the corner from junction 46 M1 is an amazing digital marketing agency consistently producing great results. Creative Marketing Services has been trading for 36 years. That achievement is only made possible by having lots of long standing clients, and they stay because CMS produces great marketing that really works.


The foundation stone of any marketing is a really good website. That means it needs the input of a talented team. All the skills you need are within the twenty-strong team at CMS.

You need good marketing strategists, who understand the difference between a site that delivers 24/7 and one that just waits to be discovered. You need web builders and coders who can make a site strong, resilient with built in natural search. You need designers to create an aesthetically pleasing and attractive easy to follow site and you need copywriters who not only write good text but write text which appeals to search engines.

Social media marketing

Spread the word. Using social media to get your message out is a must. Used in conjunction with other marketing methods and the combined result can be awesome.


It’s the fastest way to interact with your customers and prospective customers. Maybe you have a mailing list, maybe you’d like us to acquire one for you which matches your client profile. We’ll show how to be compliant with GDPR and be effective in extending your reach and building your client base.

Content is king

Does your website have a news page or blog? Is it current and regularly updated? Are you getting mentions in online PR or print? If you need help then we’ve a first-class team of copywriters, content providers and PR practitioners ready to help.


Everyone wants to be high up on Google but achieving it without paying the earth needs the input of a team which lives and breathes this medium. They’re ready to help you with affordable flat monthly fees and KPIs.

Meet up?

Our offices are next to junction 46 M1 so less than half an hour from Huddersfield and Halifax. We’ve ample free parking, the coffee is on and the meeting is free. Or we can come to you. Meet soon?