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What is branding?

A brand is the personality of your product or service. Think of any brands at random. For example, Virgin, Aldi, Northern Rail, Wetherspoons, Primark. Immediately you read those names and you form the opinion you hold of them. It could be positive or negative, of expensiveness or cheapness, quality or poor quality, great service or poor service. That’s branding, and we’ll show you how to build, correct or reinforce your brand.

As one of the leading branding agencies around Leeds, we have a very good understanding of interpreting and building a brand or performing a full service intergrated rebranding process. Over the 42 years we have been in business, we have built the brand, refreshed and updated the logos and branding of countless companies in Leeds and across the entire UK.

Logo design

A strong logo conveys your brand instantly, like the double arrow symbol of Network Rail. A strong logo shows you to be a confident professional organisation. We’ve produced several hundred logos and we’re one of few agencies to do so at a flat rate, so you know costs will not run away.

Brand audit

We’ll review your branding and provide you with a full report on its strengths weaknesses and perceptions. We’ll tell you how to tweak, develop or replace it and what each option will deliver.

Brand guidelines

There’s nothing worse than a logo appearing in several difference interpretations and colour schemes. We create the authorative guidelines for any band which tell anyone – from sign writers to email footer producers, vehicle livery designers to IT departments, how to consistently and correctly deliver the brand.

Internal brand engagement specialists

Budgeting for branding is important. But spending on internal marketing is essential and often neglected. People judge a brand/company by their interactions with it, the people working for an organisation. Brands are not just a logo, brands are people. Employees must know how to represent their brand. We can help with all this and provide a complete Brand Engagement Package put together by leading marketing experts.

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