Care Home Marketing Agency

Since 1982 we have been marketing residential care homes around the UK and our track record speaks for its self.

We touch every part of the care home marketing sector, including aquiring care home residents, right through to reputation management.

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    Care Home Employer Branding Agency

    Working in care homes can be a very rewarding career, but recruiting staff for care home work can be a challenge, so we build on your care home brand to channel new staff into your agency by improving your employer brand.

    Employer branding to recruit new staff is essential, but we also help you keep existing staff by showing you ways to reward them and keep them engaged. We arrange award ceremonies and create experiences for your staff that will make them feel appreciated which results in much lower staff turnover.

    Lowering staff turnover along with creating abrand aroundyour recruitment will reduce costs significanly and keep consistency of care with your residents.

    Employer Brand Marketing

    Social media marketing

    You may well have social media pages but do you have social media careers pages? It’s a different market aimed at different people; prospective staff not prospective clients.

    We create social media careers pages and we populate them with 3 to 4 posts a week.

    What do we post about? What it’s like to be part of your team. What your organisations stands for. The care that you put into staff selection. How well you look after your staff. Staff rewards and incentives. We show the camaraderie that you engender. We show the social side of being in the team. We include videos of a day in the role etc.

    Careers website

    Does your website work hard at recruiting for you? If not why not? We can improve your existing site and manage certain pages or develop a separate careers website.


    You’ve probably heard of Glass door as a sort of Trip Advisor about employers. Let us advise you on getting your organisation projected in the best way.

    Recruitment marketing materials

    From clean application forms to careers event roadshow leaflets and banners, form staff handbooks to training manuals, we design and produce attractive corporate marketing materials that project and reflect your organisation in the best light.

    Video and photography

    A powerful way to demonstrate your employer appeal is by video. We’ll take video footage, conduct interviews then slice and dice material into scores of users across your websites, social media, TikTok and YouTube. The vast majority of video is watched with the sound off in open plan or public areas therefore we create the captions and the graphics and the editing that makes your videos the professional answer everywhere.

    Newsletters & reports

    If your staff are spread over several locations then keep the family spirit going with well written and regular newsletters and magazines. We write design edit and print them.

    Job board advertising

    There are many job boards and some are better than others for certain positions. We’ll advise. There are definitely ways to convey a career opportunity which improves the quality and quality of respondents. We’ll write job board ads for you if you wish.

    We can place your hob board ads and manage the process should you wish it. And we offer trade discounts for volume reducing the cost to less than you’d normally pay.

    Employment Open Days

    These can be actual or virtual. We can show you how to plan either scheduling appointments and progressing applications. We create the digital technology and the physical print of banners and brochures. Some applicants prefer such routes as their personality comes across better in person than on applications forms that some people find more daunting.

    What does all this cost?

    Surprising little and far less than the cost of getting it wrong and having to infill with temporary agency staff. We become your recruitment/HR marketing expert resource for the cost of one relatively junior member of staff. We charge a monthly fee that covers everything so there are no surprising costs.

    It doesn’t cost anything to meet. We’re happy to invite you to our offices (just around the corner from junction 46 M1) or we’re happy to come to you. We prefer to meet in person, at least to get things going. How’s your diary looking for the next few weeks? There’s no cost and no obligation. Just the prospect of having a team that really supports you in your endeavours and makes your job easier and more successful.

    Get in touch

    Free advice on SEO, ask us a question about marketing, need more info about social media, we are here to help!
    Call us on 0113 287 7973, email us or use our enquiry form.

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