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Public relations and events management

What opinion do your prospective customers hold of your organisation? What aspect of that do you want reinforcing or correcting? We’ll devise a plan which achieves these objectives and more through our in-house PR department at your service.

What is PR?

PR (or public relations) is strategic communication from an organisation or individual designed to develop and maintain a public image and/or promote a message. It builds mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its public. PR communication comes in various forms, from press releases and social media to in-person appearances and broadcast interviews. PR is also used in times of crisis to defend the reputation and credibility of a person or organisation threatened by bad publicity.

Effective PR requires creativity, proactivity, responsiveness and acumen in the sphere of media communication.

How do we develop a PR campaign?

Creative Marketing Services provide PR services for a wide range of clients in B2B and B2C sectors. With each client, we begin with a period of intensive research to gain a full understanding of a client’s business model, ethos, objectives, specialist expertise and routes to established and target markets. We then work with a client to establish key objectives and develop a PR strategy. We develop story ideas, potential white paper discussions and commentary, and angles that are likely to gain the most traction in target media. Where relevant we research and identify influencer collaborations to maximise reach. We then plan a structured PR campaign delivering consistent and impactful communication across a wide range of formats.

Any planned PR schedule should be complemented by reactive PR. We monitor topical industry subjects on behalf of clients to identify and proactively suggest opportunities. Responding quickly to emerging topics and issues enables us to “newsjack” – in other words, the process of adding our clients’ thoughts and opinions into breaking news stories.

Events and in-person appearances

Many of our PR campaigns involve researching and identifying opportunities to build the profile of our clients with participation in industry forums, conferences, exhibitions and roundtable discussions. Event appearances and speaking engagements are comprehensively promoted on PR and social media before, during and after the event.

Celebrity and Influencer collaborations

Celebrity/influencer collaboration can be a powerful tool to amplify your PR message and maximise exposure for your brand. We research and identify relevant influencers for each client, making sure that they are an ideal fit for each client’s values, target audience, and PR objectives.

Press releases

A regular flow of press releases is often the backbone of the PR campaign. Many editors increasingly rely on press releases sent by companies or their marketing agencies. The vast majority of such press releases still don’t succeed. Editors are busy people and given the choice of using a press release which requires thirty seconds work against one which requires thirty minutes work they will go for the former. We write and submit press releases in the style that editors prefer, we follow them up with phone calls and build up a rapport with the editor. We create a steady stream of articles about you in press and online sites which builds the reputation, authority and media profile of our clients.

Comment pieces and white papers

In many sectors and industries, a vital part of any PR programme is by-lined articles and white papers discussing the latest issues and/or topical subjects related to that sector. We write and place thought leadership articles on behalf of our client, promoting their image and standing through authoritative comment. These articles project and impart our clients’ expertise and insight, providing engaging and informative content of enormous value to publications and their audience.

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