Strategic Marketing Agency in Leeds

Strategic Marketing Agency

Strategic marketing is the overall strategic thinking and plan-making that will underpin any comprehensive marketing plan.

Strategic marketing is an understanding of continuously changing markets to create and maintain a competitive advantage for maximising opportunity to develop services and products that satisfy both customer value needs and high profit potential.

An example of strategic marketing include a full joined up end to end strategy promoting brand awareness on the Internet via any viable marketing channel as well as backed up with some out of home advertising.

We don’t simply produce marketing collateral, we start right from basics. Where is your brand going? Is it visible? Is it the image you want to portray or need to correct? Where do you want your brand to be positioned in 2 or 5 years’ time? We’re a strategic marketing agency at the core and we can help you.

Below the line Agency

Below-the-line advertising reaches out to a consumer, instead of targeting a mass audience. This type of advertising can be used to promote products which a consumer wants to view in person. Coupled with in-store sales this can be used to explain the features of the product.

CRM Strategy Agency

Customer relationship marketing builds long term relationships to attract, convert, retain and delight customers. It needs to run through all your marketing. We’ll show you numerous case studies of how we’ve used CRM to build clients market share.

Continuous Strategic Advice

For a small monthly fee, we become your marketing department. We provide the input to your board of directors on what needs doing and how effective its becoming. A full marketing department would require a six-figure investment. For a fraction of that, you’d have access to the best strategic advice, a great sounding board, and a team that have 42 years’ experience of delivering impressive marketing growth for organisations like yours. Let’s chat now.

Direct Response Marketing Agency

The purpose of direct response marketing is for the customer to take action – make an appointment, read a blog, join a newsletter etc. There is a clear call to action for the customer on the advert to acquire further information, based on an offer – call, or email to request an information pack/catalogue, for example. Direct response marketing is targeted to a specific audience who are likely to be customers. Companies who use this kind of marketing often don’t have physical stores, so for certain brands (over 65s furniture, bathing needs and stairlifts for example) sales are made in the customer’s home. Because the brand is often not well known and can’t afford to spend millions of pounds in generating brand awareness, then the advertising needs to contain as much information and benefits of the product as possible. The major benefit of direct response advertising is that results can immediately be measured. The phone rings to make an enquiry which, ideally, in turn becomes an appointment for a sales person, or a newsletter is signed up to. In order to be trackable and measurable, adverts will have unique telephone and/or reference numbers assigned to that particular advert in that particular media, so that cost per enquiry and cost per sale can be calculated. So a campaign can quickly be tweaked if one media is working better than another. We have been planning, placing and creating direct response advertising for clients for years. We know what a good direct response advert looks like and work closely with clients on their campaign strategies.

LGBTQ+ Marketing

Inclusivity and targeted marketing are our specialties. As a leading LGBTQ+ marketing agency in Leeds, we help businesses authentically connect with the LGBTQ+ community. Our expert team crafts campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering genuine engagement and brand loyalty.

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Advice on marketing strategy, ask us a question about below the line advertising, need more info about CRM Strategy or Direct response marketing?, we are here to help!
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