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A good website design can elevate your brand

The best websites are designed with the user in mind and the goals of the business. These websites are then developed with core principals in mind and strong foundations that allow the website to be responsive and easy to use.

Below are a number of client websites which showcase both quality and flexability accross a wide range of sectors.

Automotive website design

This website was built for an automotive garage covering a huge variety of vehicles, the client does however specialise in EVs (Electric Vehicles) & hybrids which they wanted to emphasise and be the main focus of attention for potential new customers. The client does also cover a range of other services such as accident repair and routine servicing.

The main aim of the new site was to help the business attract more new business, but they wanted to focus quite a lot of attention on new customers coming to them for their specialist knowledge of hybrids and EVs as this is generally a higher paying clientele.

Mockup of clients website at an angle
Mockup of clients website at an angle

Charity website design

This website was built for a client who required a website that adhered closely to accessibility standards and in some areas exceeded them, however they also required a 'funky and fresh' approach with bold colours and movement. The site also features an extensive array of post types and categories a alongside multi-language setup, an events calendar system and areas containing separate branding for individual campaigns.

The aim of the site was to engage with the various communities around Bradford to connect them and bring them together to improve the integration of different communities in Bradford.

Water processing & solutions website design

This website was built for a client who focuses on delivering sustainable processes and solutions for water management and treatment. The site uses a design which took inspiration from water, flowing from one section to the next and with a guiding line to subconsciously lead users through the site.

The site’s focus was to inform and engage new potential clients and drive contact through it’s contact form, phone number and email address. The site also features a wide variety of post types which demonstrate company news, industry articles and most importantly, case studies which demonstrate the company’s role in new projects.

Mockup of clients website at an angle
Mockup of clients website at an angle

Packaging solutions website design

This e-commerce website was built to replace an existing, out of date site that was no longer working for the client, a commercial and residential packaging supplier who supply everything from tape to padded piano covers. The old site was created using out-dated methods and technologies which paired with it’s out of date design meant that it was no longer providing the necessary income for the client.

The website is designed to showcase all of the client’s product range in a way that is easy for the end user to understand, it also caters to commercial companies by allowing for the bulk-order discounts for the users. The products are divided by category and sub-category allowing users to find the items they require with ease; the site also features cross-selling to allow the client to target certain items and sell extra products.

Gelateria and cafe website design

This website was created for a client who was launching a new gelateria and café on the premises of their existing dairy farm in Leeds. The client makes their food and gelato on-site in their newly purpose-built dairy shed, they also have a large playground and picnic areas on site for visitors.

The purpose of the new site was to attract new customers when launching the café and keep customers up to date with opening times, changes to the food menu and their new gelato flavours. The site is fairly basic as there was no requirement for anything beyond the basic functionality of a brochure site with a contact form.

Mockup of clients website at an angle
Mockup of clients website at an angle

Stately home website design

This website was created to replace and existing site and attract visitors to Newby Hall, a local stately home with stunning gardens, interesting attractions, and events. The site was created to replace an existing site which no longer provided what the client needed, a place to showcase events and exhibitions taking place, allow people to purchase tickets online and allow people to sign up to the newsletter.

The design for the site needed to portray a certain elegance and class to reflect the hall and gardens. The website features a number of technologies such as an events calendar which informs users of upcoming events and exhibitions, a news section and links to a dedicated 3rd party ticketing system.

Retaurant website design

This client was a newly opening Indian street food restaurant in Leeds serving up distinctive, flavoursome and aromatic dishes both via delivery and in a restaurant setting. The ultimate goal for the site was to allow users to book tables, order food and enquire about event catering. The requirement for the site was a bold design featuring popping colours and presenting stunning images of the food made by the owners.

The site features links to 3rd party applications for both booking tables and ordering takeaway food alongside the functionality to order takeaway on the website itself. Beyond this the site also allows users to get in touch via a contact form end enquire about catering for events.

Mockup of clients website at an angle
Mockup of clients website at an angle

Building services website design

The client, a leader in the mechanical and electrical building services design sector, works on projects focusing on environmental impact and sustainability providing a wide variety of design services for mechanical and electrical systems. The website was created with the purpose of driving leads and business to the client and to showcase some of their previous and current work to potential customers.

The new website was designed with angles at its core to match the Stewarts logo, the colours were also taken from the logo to continue the branding throughout the site. The site includes several features including a display of services and sectors, as well as areas to display news articles, case studies and career opportunities.

Newspaper website design

This website was designed to replace an existing website which no longer provided what the client was looking for. The client needed a website to; display news stories, sell religious / non-religious items, allow users to subscribe to the newspaper and allow users to donate to the newspaper. The site was delivered providing all these needs to the client whilst also implementing a paywall which allowed un-subscribed users to read one article a day before having to purchase a subscription.

The client for this project was Universe Catholic Weekly, a catholic publication delivering both religious and non-religious news to its user-base via a weekly digital subscription.

Mockup of clients website at an angle
Mockup of clients website at an angle

Plant services website design

The client, TXM Plant, is a leading supplier of Road-Rail Vehicles to the UK’s rail network, they provide plant hire services of on-track plant and attachments working closely with Network Rail across the UK on a range of projects. The client needed a new website to replace their existing site which had a dated design and did not provide what they needed to advertise their services to potential and returning customers.

The new site gave the client the ability to display their huge array of machinery and attachments in a way that allows them to give potential customers the information they need to make a decision about the machinery they’ll need. The new site also allowed them to better display their case studies, news stories and company updates, it also provided them with a place to display links to their 3rd party careers system and their bespoke ‘TRAX’ system.

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