Green Credentials

We’re using less and less paper, preferring to use electronic means of sending the vast majority of our messages and orders. 100% of studio artwork now leaves our creative department online.

We generate our own electricity – we have solar panels on our roof. We not only make a sizeable chunk of our own power but we export the remainder back upline to the grid.

We heat our building with a state of the art biomass boiler fuelled by wood pulp. We power our building through a green electricity tariff, using one of the providers of green electricity to business.

We recycle available paper waste and our print buying team specifies environmentally friendly materials wherever possible.

Our Leeds head office is set in a semi-rural location close to the motorway at junction 46 M1. We’re aware we have environmental responsibilities to look after the land we own in a careful and considered manner.

We use energy efficient bulbs. At night time the lighting on our drive and in our car parking areas switches off by 7pm. With the exception of PIR security lighting, our premises are then in darkness. We don’t wish to add to light pollution. We’re responsible neighbours and we act that way.

None of the above will stop climate change on its own, but we like to think we’re taking our bit for the environment seriously.