Green credentials

We're the greenest marketing agency you'll find.

While others mouth platitudes about net zero, we 've been practicing it for over a decade.

Our Leeds HQ is substantially powered by solar. We've had solar panels on our south facing roof for over a decade. We store the power we harness in banks of batteries which power our agency during the day. After dark our premises are in total darkness with the exception of minimum security lighting and PIR activated lamps. We're based in a rural location and we don't want to add to light pollution.

Our buildings are heated by biomass boilers which use woodchip pellets approved by the BSR register.

We use video conferencing to keep the carbon footprint down and when we visit a client or a location it will be in 100% electric cars.

We use the minimum amount of paper, most communications are electronic. When we print on clients behalf it is on responsibly sourced renewable and recyclable paper and/or the FSC certified paper.

We recycle all possible waste and with the exception of print all our output is digital online.

None of the above will stop climate change on its own, but we think we’re taking our bit seriously and proactively.

Drone shot of the solar panels used to power the CMS HQ
Close up shot of one of the backup batteries powering the CMS HQ
Blue Tesla model S in the driveway of the CMS HQ