PR (Public Relations)

What opinion do your prospective customers hold of your organisation? What aspect of that do you want reinforcing or correcting? We’ll devise a plan which achieves these objectives and more through our in-house PR department at your service.

Event Planning

We have organised product launches, and staff training days, sales conferences and concentives at UK and foreign locations for 10-200 staff taking care of everything from transport to entertainment. We create events that build team spirit, bond with customers and suppliers and make for long lasting memorable events. Can we advise you?


We advise on the right exhibitions and the right stand position whilst creating the powerful graphics and all the giveaway promotional items. We plan fringe events and activities and all the PR buzz that makes the difference between a standard exhibition and a powerful rewarding investment.

Press releases

Editors welcome press releases yet 95% of them go in the bin. Why? We’ll show you how we can get you continuous positive PR coverage with well written, well executed press releases building up a rapport with the editors and media concerned.

Press clippings

We monitor all media for mentions of any specific client who engages us for this service providing weekly press clipping updates on your activity and maybe, your competitors.