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We specialise in managing the social media presence of our clients. We take care of updating their social media sites with fresh, engaging content and reach out to their existing and potential customers, using effective strategies. We work closely with our clients to develop a customised social media plan that aligns with their goals and objectives. With our team of skilled social media experts and graphic designers, we can help businesses establish a strong online presence and build meaningful relationships with their audience.

Social Media Crisis Management

As brands move increasingly online, a strong social media presence is vital. But crises can spiral out of control rapidly online.

At Creative Marketing Services, we understand the importance of having an effective crisis communications plan in place.

Our social media crisis management expertise includes:

  • Remaining calm and gathering facts before responding
  • Owning up to mistakes, apologising sincerely and addressing issues head on
  • Acting quickly to contain damage while still showing you care
  • Closely monitoring conversations to reassure customers concerns are heard
  • Reviewing what went wrong and improving processes for the future When a crisis hits, having professionals on your side makes all the difference

At CMS, our skilled team can help:

  • Validate complaints and formulate the right response
  • Smoothly manage communications across all your channels
  • Minimise negative impacts and regain customer trust
  • Advise on reviewing internal protocols to prevent repeat issues Talk to us about putting a robust crisis management strategy in place so you're prepared for any social scenario

Our expertise helps brands weather all storms.

Influencer Management

We have substantial experience in finding and working with influencers across many niches.

Partnering with influential creators can amplify a product's visibility for select clients. When choosing collaborators, we focus on identifying individuals whose audiences closely match the brand's target market. These influencers will more authentically represent and promote the client in a way that resonates.

Rather than immediate pitches, we recommend initially building rapport on a personal level to show sincerity. Only after establishing a relationship do we discuss partnerships. Clear and upfront expectations preserve transparency on all sides regarding deliverables, timing, compensation, guidelines and legal aspects.

Our goal is crafting compelling content through cooperative efforts. Influencers know their followers best and can develop engaging posts truly expressing the brand. Contacts are also created so that both parties are aware of what is expected.

To evaluate impact, key metrics like engagement, reach and conversions are tracked over the course of the campaign. This informs optimization of future initiatives. The right influencer and relevant, high-quality sponsored content multiplied by their following's interest and trust drives real results for savvy brands seeking growth through online word-of-mouth. Working closely together yields the most authentic and effective collaborations


Facebook Management

Our social media team are experts with facebook organic marketing as well as paid facebook marketing.

Since starting in 2004, Facebook has evolved into one of the most established and prominent social media platforms. It revolutionised how people interact online by surpassing the limitations of platforms like MySpace, which primarily focused on music.

Over the years, Facebook has transformed into a more diverse platform that covers a wide variety of social and non-social uses. Today, it functions as a comprehensive social network that provides an assortment of features, making it an attractive choice for both individuals and businesses. We leverage Facebook to connect with potential customers in an appealing way by creating compelling content that showcases products and services.

Welcoming a new client, we begin with an intensive audit of their Facebook profile. This includes evaluating branding, the positioning and clarity of their logo, visual appeal and messaging of header images, as well as easy readability of the biography and any displayed information. Opportunities are identified to expand the reach of posts, increase lead generation and boost engagement. Insights from audience research assist in refining targeting strategies.

We also examine current target audience and tactics, opportunities to expand reach, generate more leads and boost engagement. We also conduct A/B testing to determine optimal posting times, as this varies across business types. For example, a housing company targeting young families may see greater interaction during evening hours when families have downtime to scroll social media with children.

The end goal is consistently engaging their preferred audience segments when receptiveness to messages and offerings peaks. Monthly content calendars are created from benchmarking competitors and hashtags in the industry.

Our tailored approach receives sign-off before automated posting begins. Ongoing evaluation and adjustment ensures the best possible results as the partnership evolves. The focus remains meaningful evolution to cultivate new connections and guide clients' continued success.

TikTok Video Creation

Since the very early days of vine and from before Bytedance bought to relaunch as tiktok we have been heavy on video marketing.

Review Management

Review accessibility is also considered. Since 2020, QR codes have surged in popularity, creating a simple way for customers to leave feedback directly from their phones. We generate custom QR codes linking to a business's Facebook review page, lowering barriers for clients to share their experience.

For some smaller businesses without dedicated staff, managing reviews may not be feasible. In these cases, we offer to monitor the page and handle any review responses on their behalf. By ensuring all feedback receives a reply in a polite, solution-oriented manner, we help clients develop further trust with their customer base. Addressing both positive and negative reviews demonstrates a commitment to transparent communication valued by today's consumers.

Our review assessment aims to understand a company's existing reputation while identifying steps to strengthen engagement. Interactive, streamlined processes help capture satisfied customers' endorsements to reinforce and expand community trust over time.

Instagram Management Agency

When managing a client's Instagram presence, comprehensive analysis is our first step. We thoroughly examine their page to understand current branding, aesthetic, and target audience. From there, we conduct industry benchmarking analysis to ensure our proposed strategic direction optimally positions them against competitors for their sector's typical demographic.

Beyond looking at design elements like grid layout, we develop standardised custom yet distinctive templates. This includes branded post formats as well as icon sets for Stories savings. Template stories are also created to generate complementary, engaging supplementary content pairing with each scheduled grid post to boost interactions.

Hashtag research is conducted on the individual client which will then create a tailored roster of 30 optimised hashtag keywords. Strategic hashtagging is key for discoverability and reaching the desired customer profile on Instagram.

Following the full audit, we craft a detailed monthly content calendar charting all graphics, captions, hashtags and scheduled posting dates weeks in advance. This allows adjusting as needed before automated distribution while maintaining a consistent brand presence and narrative across platforms. Regular reporting assesses progress against goals, fueling continuous improvement of targeting and metrics.

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